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Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional



Hi, my name is Nina Penny and about 13 years ago a friend asked me for my thoughts about Reverse Mortgages. I had been in the banking industry since the mid-80s and worked with several great mentors such as Dick Parsons (who later went on to become CEO of Time Warner), I was not very familiar with Reverse Mortgages. Wanting to help my friend, I educated myself about the product. After sharing what I had learned, my friend felt comfortable with her decision to get a Reverse Mortgage. I then saw, first hand, the positive impact a reverse mortgage can bring.

Since that time, I have been passionate in educating others to ensure that mature clients have the information they need to decide if a Reverse Mortgage is right for them. This commitment led to my earning the Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (“CRMP”) title, an honor shared by less than 150 people nationwide. As a licensed loan officer in California and Arizona, I still do conventional loans, though there is nothing that compares to helping a client address how to use the equity they have stored in their home to help fund their retirement goals. Beyond using a Reverse Mortgage to fill financial gaps, some utilize their equity to leverage their portfolios when the market is down, while others use the Reverse Mortgage for Purchasing a home to “right size” their living environment, to just name a few options for how a Reverse Mortgage can be applied.

“I can help make sense of the options available to you. With over 12 years of experience, I offer the expertise to find the best options available for your mortgage needs.”

I invite you to review this website where I have highlighted some key considerations associated with Reverse Mortgages. You are also welcome to contact me by telephone or email.

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